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msg SAP Consulting

Business Data Analytics

With msg, use the full value creation potential in your company along the entire value-added chain.

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Thorsten Scholz msg SAP Consulting

Thorsten Scholz
Principal IT Consultant

Do these challenges sound familiar to you?

  • Customer loyalty

    • How can we retain our customers in the long term and generate more contract renewals?
    • What helps us to better understand customers and attract new ones?

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  • Forecasting & Planning

    • How will our business figures develop in the coming months, quarters and years?
    • How many claims will occur and in what amounts in the next year?

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  • Process Mining

    • How do we identify time- and cost-consuming inefficiencies in our daily business processes?
    • How do we reduce repetitive work in the team and create more space for innovation?

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  • Risk Minimization

    • How do we detect fraud in time?
    • How do we identify customers or customer groups with particularly high risks of claims occurring?

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With Business Data Analytics, we provide you with the right answers

More customer loyalty thanks to classification and clustering methods

Using classification and clustering methods on structured and unstructured data, we help you to better understand your customers and find out which policies are most likely to result in contract signings and which are not. We can optimize your portfolio on the basis of these experiences.

Optimized forecasting with Best Fit models

Together with you, we develop Best Fit models with timeline or regression analysis based on different data sources to improve your planning and forecast. This allows you to better respond to scenarios as they occur.

Transparency by Process Mining

Process Mining creates transparency and in-depth understanding of your business processes. Together, we identify the optimization and automation potentials by uncovering bottlenecks and vulnerabilities in your entire business process chain.

Minimizing risks with Machine Learning

Use Machine Learning to make predictions about which claims may indicate insurance fraud. You save costs with this approach, as no payments have to be made in these cases.

Our Service

We assist you during the entire Business Data Analytics introduction process: From the analysis of the functional problem to the evaluation of technical options and prerequisites to the selection and implementation of suitable analytical methodologies.

  • Using selected tools from the Analytics product portfolio, we advise you during the entire introduction and implementation of Business Data Analytics solutions.
  • We analyze your data basis and identify possible use scenarios for an effective and efficient use of suitable methods and models.
  • We take over the training and validation of the models for reliable and understandable results.
  • We take into account your governance requirements for the secure deployment of the analytics applications.


  • We ensure smooth integration into the productive operation and assist you with the continuous further development.
  • We provide an appealing visualization of the results at the push of a button by integrating the SAP Analytics Cloud.

"Business Data Analytics offers a number of use cases and optimization potentials along the entire value-added chain. Together with you, we identify the ideal areas of application where you can rely on our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge."

Christian Levin 180x180

Christian Levin 
Vice President SAP BI & Analytics

The right use is crucial...

5 reasons for your Business Data Analytics project with msg



Bring about precise decisions with target-oriented models


Development of targeted strategies to increase earnings and efficiency


Easy integration into the system landscape and targeted integration of corporate data


Einfache Integration in die Systemlandschaft und zielgerichtete Einbindung von Unternehmensdaten


Alignment of internal processes with profitability and corporate success

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