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As an international group of companies, we at msg create added value in the digitalized world by focusing on people: as customers, as users of our solutions and as employees. We build on over 40 years of industry expertise and the creative and solution-oriented entrepreneurial spirit that has always characterized our work. We also draw on the diversity within our group of companies: from brainstorming to application

This is expressed in our slogan “value - inspired by people”.

With more than 10.000 experts in 31 countries, we are represented in the world's most important markets. Long-standing partnerships strengthen our clout and ensure sustainable success. Sustainability (in all aspects of our business activities) is a decisive and guiding value for us.


We're shaping the digital future

In brief

Founded: 1980

Employees: more than 10.000 worldwide

Revenue: 1,4 bn. EUR in 2023 (provisionally)

Locations in 31 Countries




We are pioneers in a world full of information. With our ideas and solutions, we open up new opportunities for our customers and drive development in their industries. Our activities are consistently guided by our values. This is how we fulfill our responsibility to customers, employees, our company and society.


Our IT and industry solutions are not off-the-shelf, but tailored precisely to the individual needs of our customers. To achieve this, we bring in everything the Group has to offer: across all industries, technologies and locations. In the end, it is not the technical features of a solution or the industry it comes from that are decisive, but whether it makes life easier for the people for whom it is made.

As industry specialists, we are very familiar with the structures, trends and challenges of a wide range of sectors. We help companies in the automotive, banking, consumer products, food, healthcare, insurance, life science & chemicals, manufacturing, public sector, telecommunications, travel & logistics and utilities sectors to identify trends more quickly, increase their productivity and optimally align themselves with digitalization.

Our strategic consulting incorporates the diverse competencies of our group of companies: our industry expertise, our in-depth technology know-how and our experience in business, strategy and IT consulting and digital business. This is why our consulting also deserves to be called “intelligent”. With our individual, focused consulting, we put you on the road to success.

n the age of digitalization, IT is a business enabler more than ever. We turn your IT into a pacesetter: with sound technological and methodological expertise and a wide range of forward-looking IT solutions and services - for example for modern enterprise architectures, ICT integration and digital transformation.

Our customers include numerous market and industry leaders - including 28 of the 40 DAX companies. They all value our IT and industry solutions, our strategic consulting and our partnership-based approach, which is characterized by reliability, a sense of responsibility and openness.

People - and therefore also our employees - are at the heart of everything we do. Each and every one of our employees contributes to the success of our Group with their commitment, expertise and team spirit. To enable them to develop their full potential with us, we attach great importance to a professional working environment with plenty of scope for creative ideas.

We live our responsibility towards society. Our social commitment is characterized by partnership, reliability and sustainability.

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