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Connectivity/ Collaboration Solutions

Comprehensive expert sales of carrier solutions is our competence

Digital communication and associated digital media are causing rapid change, both in the nature of communication and transmission. Mobile (and secure) access to corporate resources via tablets or smartphones from anywhere has long since become a matter of course. Being in tune with the times is mandatory here.

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Alexander Goeschl

Alexander Göschl
Head of Sales & Consulting

We make your communication solution fit for the future

Both our consultants and our sales department are fully certified by the providers with regard to their infrastructure solutions and are therefore always up to date. If your company is looking for 

  • one or multiple Internet connections
  • point-to-point connections
  • an Ethernet or MPLS VPN
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI)
  • SIP trunks for VoIP telephone system
  • a new telephone system
  • a new mobile framework contract

, we are your reliable partner. We select the potential providers for you on the basis of your requirements and also provide you with offers that are as comparable as possible. This reduces your effort and gives you the security of being able to choose the offering that best meets your requirements in terms of technology, contract & SLAs, vendor reliability, service and network management, billing, reporting and price. We would be happy to support you with our expertise in this selection as well.

Even after you have signed a  contract with the respective provider,  we will be available to you throughout the entire contract term and will continue to support you in the event of adjustments or your questions.

What challenges do we want to address?

Do you need to talk to different sales channels from different partners for each requirement?

You receive offers that do not fit your requirement?

Sifting through and comparing the various offers takes time and resources that you don't want to invest?

You do not trust the constantly changing contact persons?

Why we are convinced that we have the right answer?

We have more than 15 sales partnerships. Learn more about this from a single source.

We have only certified sales experts who will compare and contrast the different solutions for you.

We also accompany you when you switch providers. You keep your trusted contact person.


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Alexander Goeschl

Alexander Göschl
Head of Sales & Consulting