msg Smart City

Solutions for good living

in the networked municipality

msg Smart City

Digital technology in harmony

with social, economic and ecological growth

msg Smart City

Solutions for good living

in the networked municipality

msg Smart City

Digital technology in harmony

with social, economic and ecological growth

With msg to the smart city: Our philosophy

The digital transformation of municipalities has been gaining attention for about a decade now.  We see ourselves as pioneers of this change and support municipal ecosystems in short- and long-term challenges - such as demographic change, climate protection or the creation of equal living conditions in urban and rural areas.  

We are convinced that the data aggregated in a municipal data space will help smart municipalities make work more efficient, drive economic developments, improve people's quality of life, or ease the burden on the climate by reducing emissions.  

Our experts advise and support municipalities in the design and implementation of all aspects of smart city development, including the municipal data platform or individual applications. To this end, we apply the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, the New Leipzig Charter or relevant DIN Smart City specifications, among others. 

"When networking fields of action and data sources, the economic, ecological, social aspects and implications of development must be considered in addition to the technological aspects. If the "digital balance" is found, then one can speak of a truly "intelligent municipality". This particularly concerns the data obtained and the data sovereignty of the municipalities."

Joachim Schonowski, Principal Consultant Smart Sustainable Cities, msg

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Jürgen Fritsche
Head of  Public Sector

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Smart City Gleichgewicht

Municipal areas of action: Integration of the overarching data space

The systems and sensors of various municipal fields of action are integrated in the networked, intelligent municipality. They are linked by a municipal data platform based on open standards such as guarantees interoperability, a uniform data model and vendor independence.

Übergreifender Datenraum

Smart City Handlungsfelder Kommune DIN

The municipal data space using the example of a lamppost*

Vorteile Smart City

Function of an integrated multi-functional Humble lamppost (imHLa)

  • Drone charging infrastructure
  • Renewable energy (sun / wind)
  • Mobile phone cell
  • Communication
  • Energy-controlled adaptive lighting
  • Camera
  • Parking space detection
  • Sensors
  • Environmental data acquisition
  • Traffic data acquisition
  • Advertising & signage
  • Emergency call system
  • Electric charging infrastructure
  • Energy storage

* according to DIN 91347

Benefits for the municipality

  • Citizens can use applications to charge their e-mobiles
  • Cities can use applications to smartly control lighting and thus reduce energy costs
  • Applications for citizens or companies are offered via marketplaces (app store model)
  • With the help of, different street lighting systems can be integrated, controlled uniformly and structured data can be read.
  • Charging processes for e-mobiles can be initiated
  • Smart lampposts to reduce energy consumption
  • Source of income for the municipality by renting advertising space
  • and many more

End-to-end offer: msg offers the digital transformation from a single source

Transformation aus einer Hand

msg offers many years of vertical industry expertise coupled with horizontal consulting and solutions experience from a single source. This makes us your partner for the digital transformation of the complex municipal ecosystem. In doing so, we draw on partnerships from different industries - while forging new ones.

msg is actively shaping the digital transformation

msg gestaltet aktiv

Whether DIN Smart City Standards Forum, Expert Group Smart Cities - Smart Regions of the Digital Summit or the Marketplace for Smart Cities and Regions of the European Union (EIP SCC) - we are an active and creative member in various national expert forums.

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We advise and accompany you on your way to the digital transformation in the municipality.

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Florian Wüchner

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Smart Government and Municipalities

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