For an open development
of municipalities

The following elements are central to the sustainable technical establishment of a smart municipality's ecosystem:

  • Interoperability and easy integration of further solutions
  • Easy usability of integrated data
  • Data sovereignty

This creates independence, security and trust for the municipality and its citizens. With koda.city, we have developed a municipal data platform that meets these requirements while setting the highest security standards. We will show you how koda.city, as a unified data space, can also support your municipality in its digital development.

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koda.city: Interoperability by design

Interoperability by design

The municipal data platform koda.city orchestrates IoT devices and sensor technology based on the oneM2M standard.For the visualization of geodata in map form, koda.city relies on the OGC standards. This ensures compatibility and interoperability by design. By using open standards and software, koda.city extends the deployed reference architecture of the European Union Marketplace for Smart Cities and Regions (EU EIP SCC) as well as DIN 91357 and applies the highest security standards.

Smart City  Architekturbild DIN Spec 91357
koda city

Step-by-step development of the digital municipality 1.0 towards the circular municipality 5.0

Step-by-step development

Many municipalities initially started digitalization with individual systems, such as the smart lamppost Smart City 1.0. In Smart City 2.0, links such as electromobility were established between different fields of action. The third phase involves the integration of solutions into a system of systems on a municipal data platform. The system of ecosystems Smart City 4.0 is then followed by Smart City 5.0, which utilizes people and nature by means of a sustainability-oriented circular logic.

Smart City Weiterentwicklung Smart City 5.0 Joachim Schonowski

Source: Schonowski, Joachim (2018), Mensch und Technik in der Smart City, 1. Edition, Berlin

msg is a partner in GAIA-X

Projekt GAIA-X

With GAIA-X, Europe is developing the next generation of a secure, networked data infrastructure that will meet the highest requirements for digital sovereignty. This project is the cradle of a transparent digital ecosystem where data is to be used to make services available in an environment of trust. msg is involved in the design and architecture and also applies these in the context of the digital transformation of municipalities.

Smart City Gaia X

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With koda.city, you create a uniform data space for municipal development.

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Florian Wüchner

Florian Wüchner

Division Lead
Smart Government and Municipalities

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