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msg Security Advisors

Professional Information Security
for Excellent Organizations

Resilience - Key to a Successful Digitalization

It is essential for organizations to establish resilient business models. This is the only way they can leverage the opportunities of digitalization to add value. To achieve this, organizational goals, processes, employees, methods and technologies must be aligned in a working principle that includes cyber security.

We approach cyber security holistically and support your organization at all levels: In cyber security and data protection, we set new standards with our know-how - whether in strategy, design or in operational and methodological implementation. Our expertise also focuses on IT risks and compliance management.

With more than 100 experts in Germany, msg security advisors is your partner for professional information security. Get to know our specific cyber consulting offerings for banks, insurance companies, automotive, pharmaceutical industries, healthcare and public administration. We see challenges in strategic cyber security as an opportunity: In tadem with you, we increase the potential for successful digitalization and create more resilience for your organization against threats from cyberspace. We provide you with independent consultancy.

Our service and solution portfolio

  • Security Strategy, Risk Management and Concepts

    Security Strategy, Risk Management and Concepts

    Based on business and regulatory requirements, we develop custom-tailored risk management and security concepts for organizations and processes.

    Our expertise:
  • Governance & Compliance Excellence

    Governance & Compliance Excellence

    A qualified and validated company IT is based on successful standard processes. We pave the way there.

    Our expertise:
  • Audits & Defense Strategies

    Audits &
    Defense Strategies

    Our experts audit and optimize your existing security concepts and develop strategies to avert threats.

    Our expertise:
  • SecuritySolutions


    We support you in the implementation of Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategies through to solution architectures, tools and operation.

    Our expertise:
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