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Cognitive Process Automation


Are you aware of your digital automation potential?

New innovative technologies are changing the way we work. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of these technologies. With RPA, repetitive, rule-based processes and tasks, which are performed by human beings, can be automated by digital software robots.

With our holistic approach “Cognitive Process Automation”, we combine artificial intelligence with RPA and Business Process Management (BPM) and inspire our customers with sophisticated automation solutions. We analyze the potential of these innovative technologies and show how companies can benefit from them to the greatest possible extent.

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Ahmet Varlik - msg

Ahmet Varlik
Head of department
Cognitive Process Automation

+49 174 9207313

Digital transformation requires adjustment of business models and technologies

End-to-end Automation

Digital, automated end-to-end processes for customers and employees can be developed through the useful combination of automation technologies.

Vernetzung 286x269

Business Process Management

Vernetzung 286x269

Business Process Management

End-to-end process automation / orchestration with BPM

  • Transparent status overview via the process portal – accessible to everyone
  • Distribution of information
  • End-to end orchestration / monitoring
  • Cross system and organization platform
  • Faster implementation cycles with low-code approach

Robotics 286x269

Robotic Process Automation

Robotics 286x269

Robotic Process Automation

Automation of repetitive, manual tasks via user interface

  • Reduced workload for employees
  • Lower error rate
  • Permanent availability
  • Higher satisfaction of employees and customers
  • Processes / IT interfaces can be quickly and easily automated / implemented via the user interface

Ki 286x269

Cognitive Automation

Ki 286x269

Cognitive Automation

Automation by recognizing information in unstructured data

  • Use of structured / unstructured data to train models
  • Classification of data based on these models
  • Conversion of texts into structured, categorized data that can be immediately processed in an automated manner

Goals: Increase added value, inspire customers and reduce employees' workload.

By automating daily routine tasks, employees can focus on value-adding processes

Cost reduction

Automation of manual routine tasks leads to a significant reduction of costs and thus directly to significant cost savings.



Higher process efficiency enables insurance companies to manage a significantly larger portfolios with the same number of employees. Thus, the shortage of specialists does not become an obstacle for growth.

Customer satisfaction

Customers can now use their employees for value-adding processes, such as in customer service. Efficient automation also accelerates customer processes and enables a better customer experience (by using chatbots, for example).



With CPA, you can significantly reduce the error rate. At the same time, all applications have detailed logs that allow you to trace all executed process steps.

This is what our complete solution msg.ClaimsBot and RPA offers for claim notification and creation

  • Get in touch with your customers via their usual channel.
  • Connection to the loss/claim hotline/website/customer app.
    24/7 availability
  • Recording of initial information & conversion of speech & text information into structured data
  • Back-end integration for data verification.
  •  Automated generation of information using API by RPA robot
  • Completely automated creation of default claim cases
  • Flexible and continuous process execution
    24/7 data processing
  • Preliminary work by the clerks for non-default claim cases (partial automation)

Our complete solution (click to enlarge)

This offer has been developed together with msg Claims Management, Neohelden and msg.PIA.

We provide consulting, implementation and operation from a single source

Our Offer – Your Benefits

As a trusted advisor, we have industry-specific process know-how, technological expertise and long-term experience in the introduction, implementation and operation of E2E automation solutions.

Best Practice Approach
Process Analysis
Evaluation via Roadmap
Implementation Service
Support in Setting Up Organizational Structures

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