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Networked data for a smart public sector

Publicly funded healthcare (ÖGD)

Öffentlicher Gesundheitsdienst (ÖGD (publicly funded healthcare)) in transition

In Germany, the ÖGD is a state institute at federal government, federal state and municipality level, responsible for protecting and promoting the health of the population. The ÖGD plays an important role especially in times of crisis, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, e.g., in monitoring infectious diseases or vaccination campaigns.

To increase the crisis resilience of the ÖGD, promote the internal exchange and interoperability, collect high-quality data and make the best use resources of ÖGD resources, it is necessary to raise the digital maturity level of the ÖGD across the board.

On the way on the digital public health department

To strengthen the digital infrastructure and networking, the federal government is providing financial means until 2026 with the Pakt für den Öffentlichen Gesundheitsdienst (Public Healthcare Pact). Based on our experience with the Covid 19 pandemic, we as a company welcome the fact that the funding project highlights the performance and importance of the ÖGD. The funded measures are intended to strengthen the ÖGD in the long term and make it more resilient to crises.

Based on our many years of experience in administrative digitalization, it is close to our hearts to drive digitalization in the ÖGD. The digitalization of administration processes has the potential to relieve ÖDG employees of tedious administration tasks and to give them room to focus on their core tasks. This is a tool to compensate for the already widespread shortage of skilled workers. However, it is not only employees who benefit from the digital transformation, but also citizens. A digital public administration enables service-oriented and citizen-centric administration services that make people's lives easier. For example, the infection protection instruction, as a prerequisite for working in the catering industry, will be easily possible online from starting 2023.

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Werner Achtert

Werner Achtert
Head of Public Sector

 +49 69 580045 1222

"As the msg ÖGD team, we have a clear vision: We see the digitalization of the ÖGD as part of a smart city strategy that we will actively help shape. This transformation will benefit not only the employees in the public health departments, but also citizens."
Helmut Lämmermeier msg
Helmut Lämmermeier
Area manager Federal States, Justice, Municipalities

Our offerings:

As an experienced digitalization partner, we support the ÖGD in implementing funding projects in the course under the  Public Healthcare Pact. We develop a comprehensive digitalization strategy and implement it together with you. Our core expertise lies in the documentation and modeling of processes, as well as process digitalization (e.g., robotic process automation).

In addition, we support you in the creation, adjustment and connectivity of functional procedures and provide you with comprehensive advice on IT security and data protection. With sustainably change management and comprehensive project planning and tailor-made trainings, we ensure seamless implementation. We would be happy to support you with our expertise on your path to digitalization.

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Werner Achtert

Werner Achtert
Head of Public Sector

 +49 69 580045 1222