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DIV Conference 2021: Digitalization Sustainability

Digitalization – Crucial key
to sustainability?

The question of sustainability is currently often not considered holistically, especially when it comes to using resources. There is oftentimes a lack of information to include all perspectives in the decision process and insufficient data prevents a comprehensive assessment.

When it comes to the sustainable use of resources, digitalization can help us reach resource-friendly decisions because technologies give us the opportunity to plan and control these transparently. But how we ensure a balance between the different dimensions of sustainability – economic, environmental and social? And why is this so important? 

msg explored these questions at the DIV Conference 2021.

Digitalization itself must become sustainable. This includes norms and standards as well as handling data in a responsible way. For this, we need many interest groups to exchange their knowledge – not only from IT.

Karsten Redenius, msg member of the executive board

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Key topic


Those who want to be successful in the future must act sustainably