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Commodity Supplies

About Commodity Supplies AG

Commodity Supplies AG supports its customers in the procurement and handling of global maritime logistics services for their container shipments.


The new system should enable Commodity Supplies AG to flexibly connect to shipping companies and make the company independent of service providers.


Mapping of the booking scenario for container booking, booking confirmation and tracking of the booked containers as well as the connection of 10 shipping companies via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI).

Our services

  • Connection of 10 shipping companies via EDI
  • Customization of the central booking system where necessary
  • Complete customizing of the booking system for each shipping company/ EDI partner
  • Complete technical coordination with the shipping companies
  • Implementation, testing and going live of the system

Customer benefits

  • Automated data capture/data processing has increased throughput
  • Bookings are made by the client and relieve their own resources
  • Container tracking is possible both directly on the CSA homepage and on the website of the shipping company commissioned
  • The direct connection to the shipping companies eliminates dependence on an EDI service provider.
  • In-house EDI enables the connection of new partners, which was not possible via the EDI service provider
  • Converters are built transparently - connections to other shipping companies are possible without great effort.

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