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The virtual representation of a product or system by a digital twin offers huge potential for new services and business models. So it's no wonder that more and more companies are looking to embrace this technology trend.

With our digital twin readiness assessment, we can answer questions such as how far along your company is on the path to becoming a digital twin. Together with you, we also determine how you ensure the data flow in your company to supply the digital twin and which steps need you need to consider when developing an overall project plan.

You benefit from our long-term experience of use cases and benefit analysis of digital twins. We focus on the following areas:

  • Potential and problem analysis
  • Target definition
  • Conceptional design
  • POC implementation
  • Implementation


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Markus Samarajiwa

Business Development Automotive

More about the digital twin


A cooperative study on the digital twin in the manufacturing industry by msg and Fraunhofer IPK. The study is only available in German, if you have any questions please contact.

Digital Twin, Homologation

Vehicle customers and authorities expect highly automated driving functions to be thoroughly tested by the automotive manufacturer and to be safe. New test methods and regulations must be developed and established for this purpose. This is not feasible without a digital twin. Why? You can read about this in the following article.

Digital Twin, Sustainability

We consume too many resources. Within a year, our planet will no longer be able to sustainably replenish them.