Sustainability Services

The more sustainable companies operate, the better the world works – for companies, people and the planet.

Sustainability Services

At msg, we are convinced that sustainability is the major innovation opportunity. Today more than ever, companies and people are more motivated to do the right thing, to cooperate, to create innovations and thus accelerate the path to a more sustainable future. Together, we create long-term financial, human and societal added value for all stakeholders.

Discover below the key sustainability and ESG challenges companies are facing today.

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Karen Schulze

Business Development Automotive

"ESG is not only a strategy but also a competitive factor."

Dr. Jürgen Zehetmaier, chairman of the executive board of msg systems ag

msg Sustainability Consulting: A Holistic View of Sustainability


Companies are increasingly required to comply with regulations, some of which are highly complex. The central criteria are environment (E), social (S) and governance (G). Based on the entirety of the regulations and an analysis of your status quo, msg works with you to develop a suitable ESG strategy. We accompany the strongly data-driven implementation consistently and reliably with end-to-end support.

In order to remain competitive, value creation relationships must be rethought. This is because the market demands greater flexibility, more dynamism and faster reaction times. The msg team of experts will help you implement the Supply Chain Act in a way that will sustainably advance your company and turn it into a competitive advantage internationally.

Shorter development cycles, more complex production processes and massive competitive pressure are forcing companies to constantly increase their efficiency and productivity. With the Smart Factory Platform, msg now offers the industry an IT marketplace with Industry 4.0 apps. This enables companies to purchase agile individual solutions that can be implemented quickly. At the same time, they keep their production processes up to date and reduce internal resources.

Private and commercial purchase decisions are changing radically. Offers that are not convincing in terms of sustainable aspects will lose out In order to survive in this fast-moving environment, it is essential to adapt or realign your own business model. msg helps you identify important market drivers, tap business potential and align your business model in a sustainable way.

Detailed, cross-company comparable reporting on the sustainability of your own economic activities will become mandatory in the next few years, even for SMEs. Link sustainable growth and profitability. msg assists you in your sustainability reporting and accompanies you in the implementation of the requirements from EU taxonomy and CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

Saying goodbye to fossil hydrocarbons as fuels and raw materials presents many companies with a profound, transformative challenge. Decarbonization no longer works today without digitalized processes because data from a wide variety of sources must be connected, collected, processed and analyzed. Now is the right time to harness the potential of digitalization to reduce emissions.

Constant change confronts companies with the question: Where do I want my organization to be in the future? To answer this question, the as-is situation needs to be analyzed, possible corporate and environmental developments must be thought through in advance and your own courses of action must be played out. msg accompanies you through strategic questions as part of a strategy & governance consultation and paves the way to a sustainable future.

From the EU action plan for more sustainable growth to sustainable financial investments and the broadening of non-financial reporting obligations on environmental, employee and social issues ( CSR guideline) – politicians and legislators are sending clear signals about what they expect from companies in order to promote sustainable action in society and the economy. In all these and other areas, our team supports your company both professionally and with IT solutions.

msg Sustainability Boot Camp – Strategy Process for Your Sustainability Transformation

Together, we align your business model for a sustainable future and reduce your carbon footprint.

Climate change poses numerous critical challenges for companies, but at the same time opens up important opportunities to realign the company. Recent years in particular have shown that flexibility and adaptability are central and essential core competences of successful companies. Many of the emerging and increasingly greener customer requirements are important game changes that challenge current products, services, processes and ways of thinking. Especially the automotive industry is currently in a radical transition phase. Drivers of this transformation are four major trends: E-mobility, shared mobility services, autonomous driving and connected vehicles. That's why it's important to clearly position a company now, empower it and initiate changes to sustainably reduce its carbon footprint.

We help you to actively address sustainability – with consulting expertise and technological competence as well as a commitment to shape the future in an innovative and sustainable way. In our msg Sustainability Boot Camp, we enable you to create an adequate and company-wide understanding, to develop guidelines and initiatives and to intelligently network added value systems to achieve the best possible resource efficiency and ideally zero impact. Learn more from our article.


"Many of our customers are striving to achieve CO2-neutrality by 2030. This can only be achieved through the consistent implementation of a large number of individual measures. To orchestrate these, ESG software solutions suitable for the respective company are increasingly in demand and being used"

Thomas Schuster, Business Consultant, Automotive & Manufacturing industry

Your Added Value

Knowledge and answers in the context of the following key issues:

  • Analysis of the as-is situation: Where does our company stand in the context of sustainability and digital processes?
  • Definition of the to-be situation: What are the goals of my company in the context of climate neutrality?
  • Development and implementation of a plan to achieve the ideal situation: How do we achieve defined goals considering factors such as resources and capacities?

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