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Dr. Andrea van Aubel



Dr. Andrea van Aubel

has been a member of the Management Board at msg since 2023 and is responsible for the units in the Insurance sector. She is also responsible for Operations and the Diversity and Occupational Health Management departments.

With a doctorate in business mathematics, she can look back on 30 years of professional experience in the insurance industry. Before joining the msg Management Board, she was Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) and a member of the Management Board of global insurance companies. Dr van Aubel is a member of numerous committees and was involved in setting up InsurLab Germany as part of the German government's digitalization initiative.

Areas of responsibility

  •  Insurance sector
  •  Diversity Management
  •  Corporate Health Management
  •  Operations


msg in den Medien

Dr. Andrea van Aubel, Vorständin bei msg, im Interview mit "Geldinstitute".