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Only together can we tap the complete data potential.

Data ecosystems: Achieving more together

Data is the new gold and has become a success factor. Many companies want to benefit from this development and are realizing that their own data is not enough for success. The true value of data only comes from cross-company collaboration.

Use cases for data-based ecosystems abound:

  • Predictive maintenance of facilities
  • Setup of digital twins for products and processes
  • Transparency in the supply chain
  • Joint added-value services, in the infrastructure (smart city, e-mobility), for example

The challenges arise as soon as different parties are involved: How much data do I need to disclose? How can I protect my data (data sovereignty)? How do I convince potential partners to collaborate with me? 

msg combines relevant industry experience along the automotive value chain with the necessary practical experience in setting up solutions for comprehensive data exchange on the basis of digital, data-based ecosystems.

We help you to

  • identify specific starting points for data-driven business models
  • initiate and design possible collaboration with partners
  • implement your requirements with Gaia-X and IDSA architectures
  • securely integrate your data assets into shared dataspaces

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Ralf Neubauer

Business Development Automotive


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Data-based ecosystems

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Datenbasierte Ökosysteme

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