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msg and Keysight drive test automation with Eggplant

Jun 12, 2024

msg and Keysight, a well-known provider of innovative software solutions for test automation, are now partners: In the future, customers will benefit from the combination of solution-oriented consulting by msg consultants and Eggplant, the revolutionary test automation platform from Keysight.

Optimized software testing through AI and digital twins

In modern software development, quality standards need to be continuously improved and made more efficient at the same time. Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a decisive role in this and is increasingly becoming an integral part of test automation. Tests are thus automated seamlessly in every phase of the development cycle and the quality of software products increases.

A key element of the partnership between Keysight and msg is the use of a digital twin model from Keysight Technologies: Test developers and business users use model-based tests to create a digital replication of the application landscape that can be reused at any time. This innovative method revolutionizes the test process and significantly improves its efficiency.

msg and Keysight: The future of test automation

“There is currently no provider that has implemented a comparable, model-driven, high performance test automation based purely on graphical recognition. With Keysight Eggplant, we will be able to provide all our customers who offer their applications purely graphically with a "seeing" solution. With the partnership between msg and Keysight, we, as pioneers, will set the stage for a new era in the efficiency of test automation. This underlines our roles as trailblazers in the digital transformation,” says Michael Biermann, area manager Test & Quality Management at msg.

Keysight's Eggplant software is already being successfully used in various industries, including the automotive and aerospace sectors. One notable example is the use of Eggplant in the Artemis NASA mission for the long-term stay of humans on the moon. Error-free user interfaces and control instruments are of crucial importance in this context.

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