Karlsruhe: New msg office as cultural center

Oct 18, 2022

At the latest since the Corona pandemic, the purpose of the office has changed. It has become a cultural center, a place to identify with the employer and a place to meet – a place where employees simply feel at home. msg is taking this development into account and adapting to the needs of employees at its new location in Karlsruhe.

Since August 2022, the doors of the new msg location have been open in Karlsruhe “Am Großmarkt 10”. Around 170 employees are now filling the new office spaces with life. The location is expected to grow to 250 employees by 2025.

New work: The office is more than a workplace

The new premises are entirely about "New work environments" or "New work". Employees will not only find work places there, but also a diverse working environment that they can use according to their individual needs. Usage zones such as meeting rooms, phone booths, creative spaces, think tanks, cozy lounge areas and two large roof terraces enable flexible and networked working and promote creative and inspiring exchange.


An open-plan office with several workstations and panoramic windows

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