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AI-based talent transformation: Partnership between msg and EDLIGO

May 10, 2023

msg and EDLIGO partners to help customers build a sustainable workforce with a data-driven and AI-powered solution

msg is partnering with EDLIGO, one of the leading suppliers of AI-assisted talent analysis solutions specializing in data-centered talent and qualification management. Together, they aim to provide companies with data-driven and AI-based solutions to optimize HR operations and to align workforce skills specifically with the business strategy and market changes. In April 2023, EDLIGO was named one of the top 3 innovative medium-sized software and hardware companies in Germany by the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Verbraucherstudien (DtGV) (German Association for Consumer Studies).

The cooperation includes the integration of EDLIGO's award-winning talent analytics platform into the innovative, AI-assisted solution msg.ProfileMap. This is a state-of-the-art workforce & competence management platform that automates the collection of HR information from different data sources and that uses artificial intelligence to identify staffing options for specific tasks. On the basis of Internet-based market information, competence models and job roles can be developed and matched with the employees' qualification information. To assist the talent transformation, skills gaps are identified, individual learning pathways are recommended, thus creating a sustainable workforce.

More transparency of competence requirements and gaps

The use cases range from efficient project assignment and employee development to strategic workforce planning and competence transformation. Customers benefit from the cooperation between both companies as the solution enables sound decisions regarding the management and development of employees. This leads to higher productivity and has positive effects on the company performance.

“By partnering with EDLIGO, we will equip our customers with state-of-the-art AI-based workforce management tools to deploy talent to optimal-fit jobs and projects, to develop competencies in line with the market, and to take employees' preferences into account in the process. This increases overall business performance and promotes the satisfaction of employees,” emphasizes Recardo Jackson, Executive Vice President & Managing Director at msg.

“We believe that combining EDLIGO's advanced talent analytics platform with msg.ProfileMap provides a powerful solution to help organizations optimize their workforce and improve business performance and transformation. Our partnership will enable companies to identify, recruit and retain top talent and improve their development planning. “In addition, the solution will enable organizations to enrich employee career development with agile assignments, job rotations and timely succession planning, and optimize HR investments," adds Lassaad Essafi, CEO of EDLIGO.

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