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Boost team spirit. Book workspaces. Optimize facility management.

At the office
together, safely.

Social workplace management with the msg.Check-In app.

What will your “New Normal Office” look like?

The corona pandemic triggered a real home office boom. However, employees also enjoy the social contact their workplace offers and would like to be able to decide for themselves when they go to the office. What would a safe and smooth return to the office look like?

With msg.Check-In, you can let your teams do just that. Plus, the intuitive web app is more than just an office booking tool: it is your all-round tool for successful “Social Workplace Management”. msg.Check-In allows you to take your employees’ needs into consideration, while also complying with hygiene regulations and optimizing your facility management. We would be happy to advise you about it!

The benefits of msg.Check-In:

Social Workplace – whether in person or virtually, help your team members stay in touch
  • Back at the office: Besides offering employees the option to work from home, give them the option to work together in person again.
  • Greater sense of community: Strengthen cohesion within teams, while also complying with official regulations.
  • Promote freedom: Let your staff flexibly and independently choose where they work, while preventing offices from overfilling.
  • Stay in touch: Teams can check into an office together and colleagues who have connected on the network can see who is on-site: Give employees direct contact to one another, as well as the option to schedule when they want to be on-site at the same time.
  • Protect privacy: Data privacy settings allow employees to control who they share their check-in information with.
Flexible and safe – a solution for corona times
Digital and current – optimize your facility management based on the latest data
Available everywhere – intuitive application on all devices


Cristian Codre msg CheckIn App

Dr. Cristian Codre
Product Manager msg.Check-In

Welcome to the new normal office

How it works

Step 1:
Establish the building plan


Upload your floor plans and office layouts to the app a single time and arrange the spaces as desired. Specific areas and workspaces can then be deactivated if necessary. This prevents employees from booking those areas until you have reactivated them.

Step 2:
Book a workspace


Easy access to a desk: Employees use the easy check-in process to book a workspace. They simply select the date, find an available workspace and complete the check-in. Voila! Their workspace is already booked!


Step 3:
Work together in a team


Employees can find out in real-time which colleagues are at the office. Groups can book workspaces together. Whether alone or as part of a team – employees can decide at check-in which workspaces they want to book.

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msg.Check-In at a glance

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How can msg.Check-In help you get back
to the “New Normal Office”?