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Future Technologies

Quantum Computing

Drivers of Business Transformation

Future Technologies

Quantum Computing

Drivers of Business Transformation

New technologies that are changing the world

Future technologies will drive the economy and generate growth in the coming decades. Today, they are developing more rapidly than ever before. And some of them even have the potential to transform our society.

In the following, Thomas Klemm, our expert for quantum computing, answers exciting questions related to quantum computing and how he assesses the potential of this novel computing technology. In the msg group, Thomas Klemm is pursuing this topic and advises companies on  possible applications of quantum computing.

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Was ist Quantencomputing?

Game Changer Quantum Computing

Quantum computers extend computing efficiency,  generating new knowledge in many fields. Quantum technology is still under development, but has enormous potential. Dr. Thomas Klemm holds a doctorate in physics and explains in an interview what quantum computers are.


Quantum Parallelism – Higher Computing Efficiency for Solving Complex Problems

Quantum computers can perform computational operations for all possible solutions simultaneously, in other words, in one step. This quantum parallelism makes it possible to develop new algorithms that can solve large and complex computational tasks, i.e., “NP-hardness” and “NP-completeness” tasks, considerably more efficiently. That opens up completely new possibilities.
In the interview, Dr. Thomas Klemm explains this by means of a small example.


Potential uses for quantum computing

Quantum computing is still in the development phase, but it is no longer a science fiction scenario. There are many fields in which the new computers are already delivering concrete added value. In complex models and forecasts, for example, the new way of computing can take into account various probabilities much better. Whether weather, environmental influences or medical examinations - predictions benefit significantly from quantum computing.

Stand der Technik

The State of the Art

As a high-tech country, Germany is ideally placed to play a leading role in future technologies. However, this requires intensive work in order not to lose touch with the competition.

Der nächste große Schritt

The Next Big Step in Digital Transformation

When it comes to quantum computing, companies today all face the same challenges, regardless of industry or company size:
How can the necessary know-how and knowledge for quantum computing applications be built up? Projects in the field of quantum computing give rise to totally new roles and require a unique approach.

Companies need to prepare for this today, because quantum computing is coming. If you don't get on board in time and make an effort to build up knowledge, you could miss out on a great opportunity.

Are you interested in quantum computing and would like to use it in your company?

Here's what you should watch out for:

Darauf sollten Sie achten!

Quantum computing is not suitable for any type of problem:
Start with an analysis and find out where it can be used in your processes and bring benefits.

You need the appropriate quantum software::
For the quantum computer to be able to solve your problem, you first need to find and map the appropriate quantum algorithm. Experts are needed for this.

Integration into the existing system landscape:
The use of quantum computing must be aligned with existing applications and processes to get the most out of the results.

How could you use quantum computing in your company? Our experts will be happy to advise you.

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