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Quantum Computing

Which areas of application are realistic
for use of the “super computer”? (part II)

About the interview series “Quantum Computing”

Eva Ess, Project Manager in the Automotive & Manufacturing sector at msg, asks Dr. Thomas Klemm, expert in quantum computing, some fascinating questions: How does he assess the potential of this novel computing technology? In the msg group, Thomas Klemm is pursuing this topic and advises companies on possible applications of quantum computing.

What specific challenges is the automotive industry currently facing where quantum computing is a “key to the solution”?

In the automotive industry, such questions arise in a wide variety of work areas: From the minimum number of sensors for autonomous driving and their optimal arrangement on the vehicle (an example from the tasks in the BMW Challenge mentioned above) to the provision of connected car services for optimal route planning to the optimization of sales and production programs.

Satisfiability problems are of immense practical importance.

Thomas Klemm

Learning neural networks is nothing more than a highly complex optimization task.

Thomas Klemm

Anyone who gives early though to “quantum-proof encryption” are well advised.

Thomas Klemm

Key Facts by Stephan Melzer, Executive Project Manager, msg

  • When we're dealing with combinatorics, relating a lot of this to that, then it becomes easy for quantum computing. Simulation, optimization are the buzzwords to remember here when you go looking in your own company.
  • Quantum computing and neural networks are a brilliant combination. Where AI is already on everyone's lips, QC will soon join it.

Next interview coming soon:

Quantum ​Computing – what is the path to a practical use and which obstacles must companies overcome? (part III)

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