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Five reasons why the time is ripe for RISE with SAP

Smart business models achieve more growth

You want to grow and need software that can keep pace? You expect short implementation times and already pre-configured processes that increase the efficiency in the shortest possible time?

SAP S/4HANA Cloud offers these advantages.

  • You do not need to set up your own IT, SAP takes care of the hardware and software including support.
  • If you want to expand into other countries, you can simply expand your system and country-specific regulations are already taken into account (two-tier ERP)
  • Fast implementation through pre-configured processes
  • No large initial investment, you only pay an annual usage fee
  • Your solution remains up-to-date, industry updates and technical updates are made automatically on a quarterly basis
  • Your employees will love it. Operation is simple and requires little training.
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Thomas Klehn
Senior Sales Executive

+49 176 30066351

Five reasons why the time is ripe for RISE with SAP

As an executive, have you thought about switching the ERP system to the next generation of SAP? The world as we knew it has changed irreversibly. Today, more than ever, companies are turning to smart applications and technologies for automated digital business processes and a new business result.

Why are so many companies switching right now? They do this for different reasons. But many do this to react to these 5 facts:
1. Innovations are a competitive advantage
The top performers in the industry in past recessions were those that introduced innovative business models and processes faster than their competitors.
2. These are uncertain times for the economy
3. Cost pressure has increased
4. Changes occur at a dynamic pace
5. The cloud offers growth opportunities

Get a quick start.
SAP Best Practices offers pre-configured processes.

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Faster Plan-to-Product

  • Basic Production Planning
  • Basic Production Processes
  • Inventory Management
  • Maintenance Management
SAP S/4HANA Umstieg Schritt 3

Optimized Order Processing

  • Order and Contract Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Receivable Operations
SAP S/4HANA Umstieg Schritt 3

Optimized Procure-to-Pay

  • Determining Source of Supply and Contract Management
  • Operational Procurement
  • Inventory Management
  • Invoice Management and Vendor Management
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Core Functions Financial Accounting

  • Accounting and Closing Operations
  • Cost Management and Analysis of Profitability
  • Treasury and Financial Risk Management
  • Financial Operations > Receivables Management
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Project Services

  • Contract-to-Cash Project
  • Management Working
  • Time and Expense Management
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HR Connectivity

  • Employee-​Central-Konnektivität zu SAP SuccessFactors

SAP S/4HANA cloud entry-level offerings for your specific needs

Imagine if you could stay two steps ahead of the competition and retain your customers for the long term. Or if you could predict exactly what was coming, so you could take decisive action now to change course or improve an outcome. For companies that use technology as a strategic differentiator, these are opportunities.
Sap Qualified Partner Packaged Solution 400
  • Finance


    Always everything in sight.

    With our introduction package Finance, we pave the way of your financial accounting into the digital age. Gain a decisive competitive advantage by increasing the flexibility, agility and speed of your processes for maximum business value.

  • Professional Service

    Professional Service

    Always be up to date.

    With our complete solution Professional Service, you accelerate your order processing and map your entire business processes in real time. For more insights that you can use profitably.

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Frequently asked questions SAP S/4HANA Cloud

Why should we use our ERP in the cloud now?
The cloud has clear advantages in terms of speed. Nowadays, companies make sure that they can benefit from innovations quickly. SAP now makes innovations available in the cloud every three months and these can be used immediately.

Installing, developing and maintaining individual IT systems is often too expensive and complicated for many companies. With a cloud ERP system, there is no need for operation and maintenance, because SAP takes care of this for you. You can focus on your core processes and customers.

In terms of deployment, the cloud solution is faster than an on-premise solution. Typically, a cloud ERP implementation takes between 3 to 6 months, depending on how extensive your core functions are. The cloud solution can be deployed in multiple locations without much effort, resulting in significant time savings.

Another reason why companies decide in favor of a cloud ERP solution is the fact that the system can be flexibly adjusted. Depending on your requirements, you can extend your solution. At the beginning, most company start with the core functionalities and can extend them as required without having to set up a large IT system landscape or having to make large investments.
Which companies should opt for SAP S/4HANA Cloud?
We want to move into the cloud, but we need more functionality than SAP S/4HANA Cloud offers. What can we do?
We want to run particular core processes on our own servers while administering certain processes in standardized cloud solutions. Is this possible?
Sure. The combination of on-premise and cloud is the hybrid approach and very popular with large companies. For example, the parent company uses the on-premise solution and all smaller subsidiaries are operated in the cloud. The advantage of this approach is the rapid deployment of the software. SAP takes care of the server and the hardware and is responsible for the security of your data. Both solutions are developed on the same code basis, thus ensuring the seamless exchange of data between parent company and subsidiaries.
How should we handle our own customer-specific developments?
What distinguishes SAP from other cloud providers?

SAP Cloud Trust Center

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Aren't cloud and data security contradictory? No, not at all. Learn more at the SAP Trust Center page:

  • About the live operating status of SAP S/4HANA Cloud,
  • You can find information on product security, cyber security and much more.
  • How to protect the rights of individuals
  • Evidence of compliance with international standards such as ISO and British standards.
  • More at
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Experience SAP S/4HANA in the cloud

Gain insights into operations with SAP S/4HANA Cloud with the free trial version. Slip into different roles and test predefined scenarios. Start you free trial version now.
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Our Services

We offer comprehensive consulting from processes to data, IT architecture, integration and organization.
Our certified S/4HANA Cloud consultants contribute extensive knowledge of business processes, strategies and best practices. We assist you in planning and implementing the SAP S/4HANA Cloud.


Our SAP-certified consults are up to date with latest software developments. Our consultants show you the right way and accompany your digital transformation.


Together with you, we develop a holistic, cross-system process approach and standardize the value flow. On the basis of the pre-configured system, we develop your processes and data structure without a lengthy concept phase and start together with you in the system.


During implementation, we follow the best practice approach. The implementation phase is assisted by our ISO-certified project approach and is conducted with the customary SAP activate method.


As a service partner, we also offer you support after successful system implementation. With our service, we inform you about changes and updates in the cloud development and help you implement new software updates. In doing so, we keep your entire system in view and show you the effects on your system. Continuous quality assurance is our top priority here.

We would be happy to accompany you with our holistic approach efficiently and agile on your way through the digital transformation to an intelligent company.

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Thomas Klehn msg

Thomas Klehn
Senior Sales Executive

+49 176 30066351