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We are joining forces to reinvent banking in the digital era and offer our customers intelligent and innovative solutions. For more than 100 years, we have championed our customers' success, helping them strengthen their position in an ever-changing and challenging market environment. As the market leader in bank management and reporting, plus a provider of first-rate consulting solutions, we are a partner that customers can rely on.

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... more than 600 brilliant minds,
who work with you – everyday – to shape the future of banking.


Quotes from the Management Board

Reporting and risk management are merging – so are we!

The international and national supervisory system is increasingly demanding that risk controlling and reporting be integrated in such a way that internal and external reporting of the earnings and risk situation is synchronised, thereby providing consistent statements at all times.

As msg GillardonBSM AG, we can offer customers our innovative solution for comprehensive bank management with integrated reporting and risk management from a single source.

msgGillardon + BSM = msg GillardonBSM

msgGillardon and BSM have merged and are now operating as msg GillardonBSM. By taking this step, we have also consolidated our comprehensive specialised banking and IT expertise on the organisational level and are now providing forward-looking solutions in our core business areas of banking regulations, reporting, bank management and risk management, all from a single source.

Our joint website is currently under development and will present all important information on our service portfolio and our company in the near future. Until the go-live, please refer to our existing separate company websites.


msgGillardon AG has been committed to providing effective solutions for the banking industry since 1920, offering business consulting, standard and customised software, as well as system integration from a single source. With many years of industry and IT expertise, the company delivers successful projects on behalf of credit institutions, fintechs and computer centres of all sizes.


Founded in 1992, BSM BankingSysteme und Managementberatung GmbH has emerged as the leading software and consultancy company when it comes to reporting for financial institutions. Its product BAIS, an established, standard software for regulatory reporting, is successfully deployed at over 500 institutions.

Over 90% ...

... of all German organisations holding a bank licence in 2021
use software solutions or software components developed by us.