Efficient integration of sales
and distribution


Efficient integration of sales and distribution

Many companies’ primary requirement is that their processes run as an integral part of their core business and that SAP help them accomplish that. However, that alone no longer suffices in today's struggle to set oneself apart from the competition, while also making a name for oneself on the market. From purchasing to production to distribution – the process itself must work and must optimally support IT.

This is especially true for the "beginning" of the process chain, that being – sales! If the offer and order placement processes, not to mention delivery and invoicing, are not well designed, then it will not be possible to build on the processes that fall between them either.

Our service package:

We help you optimize your IT business processes so you can focus wholly on your company’s core business. With the help of SAP’s ERP Sales and Distribution component (SD), we are able to offer suitable solutions.  We help you perfectly align your processes,

  • From offer and order placement to delivery and invoicing
  • In the field of logistics execution: 
    • Using handling units
    • Managing transport and distribution

Together, we design processes that meet your needs and also help you implement them into your SAP system.

msg as your partner...

We help many companies holistically manage their SAP processes in the fields of SD, MM and PP. We are pleased to also be able to help further customers in a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Construction industry
  • Consumer goods industry
  • As well as the furniture industry.

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