Your central and integrated
project system


Your central and integrated project system

Large-scale projects, such as building a brand new plant, as well as smaller projects, such as organizing a trade fair, all require precise planning of every single detail and activity, of which there are many. Project owners must ensure an on-time, on-budge and on-performance realization of the products, while also ensuring the optimal provision of the necessary resources and funding.

To help companies realize those requirements, SAP offers their own project system (SAP PS), which puts companies in a position to efficiently manage their projects. A comprehensive and integrated approach is key when implementing SAP PS, since projects tends to be centrally integrated into a company’s operational processes. A project-specific organizational form is needed to manage all of the tasks involved in realizing a project and should be incorporated into the departments involved in the project. For the realization of the project in general, the project goals must be defined in detail and structure given to the agreed project deliverables. A clear and well-structured project provides the basis for successful planning, monitoring and controlling.

Our service package:

We help you with the implementation, refinement or optimization of your SAP PS requirements.

Key components of SAP PS are:

  • Project structure plan
  • Cost planning and budgeting 
  • Resource planning 
  • Scheduling 
  • Accounting 
  • As well as project controlling.
The benefits for you...

Since the project system is strongly integrated into the R/3 system, you can pan, realize and bill your projects all as part of your internal operational processes. This gives you access to all the data you need from the different departments involved in the project planning and controlling at any time. From project structuring to process planning, or even controlling, the R/3 system enables project tracking in real-time The project system provides a technical and commercial view of your project.

msg as your partner...

We have successfully completed many customer projects for the implementation and optimization of the SAP project system.

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