Optimal production planning
and management


Optimize your general production system

Production planning and management are still at the heart of every industrial company. With effectiveness and efficiency always the focus of the overall production process. Yet, sound processes must be in place in order to optimize the general production system. We are happy to help achieve just that!

Our service package:

We offer solutions in the field of SAP ERP Production Planning (PP), which our experienced consultants can customize to meet customer’s specific needs. Together, we design processes that meet your needs and help you implement them into your SAP system.

We offer support for the following topics, in particular:

  • Integration of BOMs and work schedules into the SAP variant configuration
  • Creation of productions packages based on different product features: the so-called "package formation".

Our services range form analysis workshops and creating the concepts necessary for optimization, to the actual implementation itself. Naturally, we also provide support during the test and go-live phases and are happy to provide subsequent operational support as well.

msg as your partner...

We help many companies holistically manage their SAP processes in the fields of SD, MM and PP. We are pleased to also be able to help further customers in a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Construction industry
  • Consumer goods industry
  • Furniture industry

Schedule your first workshop with us today, so we can work together to identify your optimization potential!

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