msg.Life Reinsurance Module

flexible and comprehensive life
and health reinsurance solution

What does msg.LRM stand for?
msg.LRM (Life Reinsurance Module) is a mature software solution developed for the management of life and health reinsurance in insurance and reinsurance companies.
Flexibility, maximum automation of processes and support of manual operations are the basic principles of the system.
Integration with other SAP modules and connection to customer specific programs guarantee a seemless data flow.
Our comprehensive reinsurance solution is constantly advanced, driven by market changes and the business needs of our customers.

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Dorothee Allendorf-Kaufmann
Product Management

Sascha Nitze
Product Management


Our software solution manages individual life and health reinsurance for all kind of products and benefit types

Fully integrated into SAP for Insurance
Automated data upload or manual entry, automated audit function
Ability to set up customer-specific business rules
Flexibility in handling products and calculation methods by using the tied actuarial tool
Transparency of data for multi-national companies


Consulting Individual Business Consulting
Software Continuous Improvement
Training Tailored Training
User Group Meetings
User Group Meetings


Creation of Reinsurance / Retrocession

Creation of Reinsurance / Retrocession

  • Automatic creation of reinsurance/ retrocession shares according to the reinsurance rules
  • Management of facultative reinsurance/ retrocession

Data upload

Data upload

  • Upload and automate processing of files
  • Manual data entry
  • Rewinding of processed data and reprocessing
  • Switch on and off flexible validation checks or add new validation checks



  • A uniform and comprehensive database
  • Flexible and fast product definition
  • SAP HANA enabled

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