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Efficient Innovation Management with msg

How do you design your
innovation processes?

msg.IDEAROOMS supports you from
trend analysis to testing

msg.IDEAROOMS – Rethinking Innovation Processes

Successful innovation is no sure-fire success. It's usually the result of an elaborate and complex management process. The integrative innovation and collaboration platform msg.IDEAROOMS optimizes this process. This way, your company can continuously create and achieve innovation through systematic idea generation and digital cooperation.

Whether in the business environment or software development, across the entire company or in individual areas. msg.IDEAROOMS is highly versatile and flexible. Thanks to the platform’s modular design, you can either use it at a specific innovation point or map the entire innovation process. We provide you with independent consultancy.

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msg ideaRooms Thomas Förster

Thomas Foerster

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"From trend analysis to funding to quality testing: msgIDEAROOMS leads you step by step to innovation success. You remain as flexible as possible in your innovations process."

Recardo Jackson msg

Recardo Jackson
Executive Vice President
Test & Quality Management

How msg.IDEAROOMS works

msg IdeaRooms Prozesskette

Identifies your chances of market success at an early stage


  • Current topics and trends: Discover how trends develop
  • Monitor technology and business trends using expert-based surveys
  • Analyze and prioritize challenges


  • Search and analyze AI-based trends from internal and external data sources
  • Capture actionable insights and identify relevant, meaningful problem areas, solution approaches and requirements


  • Specialists monitor technology trends for you
  • Specialists regularly conduct digital panel surveys for you

Enables you to achieve a permanently high frequency in innovation

Idea Boards

  • Easily capture ideas from your employees
  • Comment on ideas and start a dialog
  • Transparent overview through status and tag filter function


  • Assess ideas, democratically and anonymously
  • Enter constructive contributions in a comment field
  • Set a voting quota for each board
  • Filter the best ideas using vote hurdles


  • Track status workflow
  • Quickly identify similar ideas
  • Notify other participants about board activities


  • Automatically supplement project backlogs with your ideas, reported bugs or features

Reduces your risks in the innovation process

Direct Digital Polls

  • Gain insights from interviews, surveys or observations
  • Obtain a secure and neutral basis for decision-making for the selective improvement of your innovations

Design Research

  • Obtain feedback from target groups regarding specific drafts, services or product ideas based on static or dynamic wireframes or mock-ups early in the development phase
  • Filter ideas and obtain indications of their acceptance from the target group


  • Establish committees for special aspects
  • Jointly evaluate innovation in the corporate context

Finances your visions through optimal use of corporate innovation budgets

Corporate Crowd Funding

  • Launch campaigns with milestones on the platform
  • Inform internal investors and sponsors about business cases, investment goals, timelines and rewards
  • Jointly decide whether a vision is profitable
  • Achieve funding goals if new ideas also pay off for internal investors and sponsors

Campaign Overview

  • Select attractive campaigns
  • Invest using reward offers
  • Anonymously or publicly support a project
  • Post funding pledges

Funding Dashboard

  • Collect funds
  • Track the status of your campaign at any time
  • Keep track of the list of investments as sponsor and recipient
  • When the target is reached: Request payment and start project

Flexibly, efficiently and comprehensively organizes your collaborative project and schedule management

Project Management, Tasks and Calendar

  • Create projects with start and end date
  • Simply plan, distribute and control tasks and task packages
  • Create timing at task level
  • Record working time at task level for each work unit and as total
  • Indicate progress with status
  • Get an overview of all tasks: In the interactive calendar, on the Kanban board or using an interactive Gantt chart

File Management

  • Store project files centrally and structure them in individual folders
  • Add and comment files and automatically assign names and timestamps
  • Store and edit project files either restricted to project managers or visible and accessible for everyone


  • Export project reporting to Excel using the project manager
  • Evaluate target and actual times in Excel

Discussion Groups

  • Network like-minded persons in project-specific discussion forums

Safeguards the quality of your innovation


  • Leverages the collective intelligence of a representative group of testers for exploratory tests
  • Real end users test in selected region in short test cycles on their own devices under real conditions


  • Test Management
  • Managed Testing Services
  • Test Automation
  • Load and Performance Tests
  • Project, Risk & Quality Management
  • Application Lifecycle Management

Learn more about msg.IDEAROOMS

msg.IDEAROOMS provides


Real added value instead of ready-made concepts

  • Modular and flexible
    use cases
  • From analysis to testing
    on one platform
  • Well-engineered product thanks to continuous feedback
  • More efficient innovation processes = faster ROI

Successfully implement your innovation processes
using msg.IDEAROOMS.